Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apple Picking!

Yesterday we did one of our favorite fall activities, apple picking! We all had so much fun. I think we will do it a few more times this fall at different farms because it was such a hit with Mason. And of course we will go pumpkin picking too! :)

Picking the first apple...

Mason got right in there and started exploring. He says "popple" for apple.

Daddy and toddler! Michael and his mini me! <3<3<3

My favorite picture!

Taste testing...

He did not like being put in this crate!

He hears an airplane...

Pointing to the airplane in the sky.

Coming to show us the apple he picked

"Hat!" lol

Here are our attempt at a family photo...

Just the two of us because Mason was being a cranky monster and needed his bottle! (Michael ruined the pic with the thumbs up, but I'm not surprised! lol)

petting the friendly goats!

Inside the barn at Hurds Family Farm.

We bought a medium sized bag and was able to stuff it full of anything the farm had available, so we got some corn, broccoli, a small pumpkin for Mason, some flowers, apples (of course!), and pears. What a good deal! :)

I love being on farms, they are so beautiful!

Michael liked his picture because he got the farmer in it (over my shoulder) lol
So that's it! Hurds Family Farm was really nice and had a lot of things for kids there. Next year Mason will be able to play in their Kid Corral area. :)


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