Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Shower!!!

Yesterday we had our baby shower. It was an awesome time! Here are some pictures.

Before we left for the shower:

Then I wanted a pic of me. It's blurry, but I still like it! I was wearing contacts, but then I decided to take them out because they were bothering me and wear my glasses.

My fur-baby, Sami:

Me, Bradley & Melissa:

The gift table:

The table centerpieces. How cute are those owls? Laura made them :)

The cake that matches the invites. It was so cute I didn't want to cut it!

The invite:

Cake/cupcake/candy table:

table:

The games:

The favors were blue owl shaped soaps:

Here are some pictures of us opening gifts:

Our niece Liz got this for Mason. It's SO funny!

Michael's Aunt Elaine and Uncle Gil are from PA, so naturally they got Mason a Phillies hoodie. Pretty soon Mason will have a Red Sox one too thanks to my parents. As Michael says, he's going to be one confused little guy :)

In case you can't read the onsie, it says Jeter. This is more like it! Go Yankees! :) :)

My Dad wrote us a Top Ten List (like David Letterman does on his show). I think it was called "How you know your daughter is having a baby boy." I can't find it right now or I'd type what it said, just take my word for it, it was really funny! He read it out loud to everyone too:


I found the list!

Top Ten List: How do you know you're having a grandson?

10. Your daughter is wondering how much bigger she's going to get.
9. You know better than to answer that question.
8. Yia Yia begins knitting a sweater and ignores you.
7. Your daughter is wondering how much bigger she's going to get.
6. Your son-in-law starts fishing around for some advice.
5. You tell your son-in-law you don't h ave any advice.
4. You're wondering what this is going to cost.
3. You're thinking, "It's payback time." You get to watch someone else suffer through the parenting process.
2. Your daughter is wondering how much bigger she's going to get.
And here's the #1 reason you know you're going to have a grandson.
1. You're already thinking about all the fun you're going to have.


Everyone brought books for Mason! He's got so many books now:

The sign I'm holding says "The Prince Sleeps Here." This is a joke about Michael being called "Prince Michael" growing up by his 3 older sisters and now Mason is taking his Prince title. He says he's "King" now. Silly hubby...

Grandma Barbara made Mason a baby blanket. You can't see it in this picture, but it has Mason's initials on it. It's so great!!!!!

Yia Yia (greek for grandma) Nancy made Mason a baby blanket too! :) It is so cozy feeling, Mason is going to love both of his Grandma's blankets!

This next gift we received was more for me lol. I always wanted a big teddy bear and so I put one on Mason's registry and my Auntie Barbara and Uncle Angel got it for him! It's the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brown Teddy Bear

Yes, we are kissing the bear lol. I think I'm just laughing though:

Oh, this is when Michael opened the portable changing pad and I said "This is for you!" and everyone laughed. It really IS for him though, he's going to use his backpack for a "diaper bag" and throw this in it for when he's out and about with Mason without me. Guess it came off like he's changing all the diapers haha. He got me back though, he handed me the changing pad and said "This is for you!"

My Uncle Billy, Michael, Me and my Auntie Barbara:

This is probably my favorite picture. Doesn't he make a cute Dad-to-be or is it just me?

If you were wondering what we were wearing around our necks. Here's a close-up of the medals we wore. Mine was pink and said Mom-to-be!

So that's it! We want to thank everyone for such a great day! Mason is already SO loved. :)


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Amy said...

Love the pictures. I really get a good idea of everything! Looks super nice. Glad you had such a great time!!