Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kitchen Reno redo 2.0

                      The ongoing saga of our cruddy old kitchen is finally over, for the most part.  We attempted the quick fix and failed and now with a little time, knowledge and cash we think we finally got it right. Our ceilings are lower than the average house so we couldn't buy stock cabinets.  We custom made everything and added some Rev-a-shelf accessories. So awesome!!  See the pictures below and be amazed...
Original kitchen (aka the O.K.) We added the hardwood floor.

O.K. counter

As you can see it was quite an interesting set up.
Here you can see the old floor (hideous!).  Our first renovation attempt was a cheap paint job on the cabinets and on the tile counter top. Yup..... we tried that....

We changed the island and painted the chairs.

Here you can see our paint job. Looks good!!

Nice pics of the O.K and staircase.

We were happy with the counter paint but over time.... a short period of time... the paint started to chip.

           So we lived with our crappy, initial renovation for awhile or at least until we found out Mason was coming. That's when we decided to get rid of the paint chipping tile counter.  We had a friend with a little know-how come in and custom make a laminate counter top for us. We were very happy with it!!!


  But the kitchen wasn't fully functional... So with a little.... errrr A WHOLE LOT of instruction from, we decided that we could and would custom make our entire kitchen.  It was quite the undertaking and was extremely challenging but definitely possible.

We used a circular saw, the Kreg Jig, a carpenter's square, wood glue and a lot of practice.

Snowing this day!

I had to assemble everything inside because it was below freezing outside.

Corner base per

Upper corner cabinet per

1 of 4 basic upper cabinets per

If you look close you can see my Kreg Jig holes on the side.  They either were covered by a neighboring cabinet or filled in with wood puddy or a Kreg Jig plug.  The Kreg Jig was definitely my smartest purchases.

Doesn't take much!
1 of 3 base cabinets per

Our refrigerator carcass!  I built this one with the help of Young House Love and Ana-white of course. I had to do a little fabricating myself, too (pat, pat)

Fairly easily built but extremely hard to install.
BREAK TIME! I had lots of these...
Not bad for a novice!

We hit many "SNAFUUUSSSS" along the way but still managed through it.
The build was complete, at least my build was.  We hired a cabinet maker to do the doors.  I figured since the doors are the first thing you see I'd splurge.  Our cabinet maker actually lives just up the road.  I found him online.... go figure!  Thanks John...
Many trips to the home store with my little helper.  MANY trips...
So I lost all the pictures of the paint project (oh well).  I painted the cabinets in the garage with a spray gun and air compressor combo. I had to rent an air compressor from our local grand rental station.  It was a struggle in the beginning but ended up coming out fantastic.
I didn't lose ALL the paint pictures, lol....
Installation time!  Very exciting and difficult. Our low ceiling really made it tough while installing the refrigerator cabinet!!

I had to cut the counter tops to size.  I did this in the garage.  I learned how by watching a you tube video. 

Installed bead board for  a back-splash.

I hired an electrician to put in the under the cabinet lighting.

Garbage can accessory from Rev-a-Shelf.
Organized pots and pans thanks to Rev-a-Shelf.

We used Benjamin-Moore paint; color: DOVE WHITE
We came a long way and we couldn't be happier with the end results!!!


Lisa E said...

Over from Ana White's site. Wow, quite the under taking, especially for novices! Came out awesome! Such a huge transformation!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Urra-Bazain said...

I am glad the comment section is in full swing now. :) Thank you for the vote of confidence that I could do it too. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects now that you have the building bug, too!

carey said...

I found your blog from Ana-White's site. I am entirely inspired and encouraged by your awesome kitchen transformation. Awesome job!

Nicole said...

I'm curious how much the whole cabinet project cost you. I'm considering the same undertaking. Thanks!

Sara said...

I estimated around $3,000

Sara said...

To Nicole: The 3K included: Wood, screws, glue, paint, kreg jig clamps, paint brushes etc..., cabinet doors, rev-a-shelf items, cabinet hardware, florescent under mount lighting, licensed electrician for the installation of the under mount lighting, air compressor rental, and beer of course (J/K).
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