Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mason's 1st Birthday Party!!!

We threw a little party for Mason for his first birthday! And of course it had to be Sesame Street themed because he loves Sesame Street. It was a great time, Mason loved every second of it!

The food was so good! Yia Yia made my favorite Spanakopita.

The cake pops turned out great. The toppings included oreos, 4 different sprinkles, heath bar, reese's peanut butter cup, and M&M's...Behind that are cookie monster's chocolate chip cookies, and dorothy's goldfish next to that.

Here's Spinach Artichoke dip with tortilla chips.

On this table there's salad, pinwheel sandwiches, fruit kabobs and potato salad.

Drinks were lemonade, green tea and water.

The dogs were tortured by all the food, but don't feel bad for them, they got their share..

I think Michael likes the cookies! :)

Michael grilled up these Venison Bacon Bites. These are seriously SO yummy!

Time to open presents! Grandma got him a swing for outside!

Showing off his walking skills for everyone!

Mason got a Cozy Coupe from Aunt Laura, Uncle Bob, Sarah & Liz!

Here's Mason playing with the BBQ grill mommy and daddy got him.

Not such an easy toy to put together! lol

Ava helping out.

Getting ready for his smash cake!

Here comes Mason's very own smash cake! Mommy made it with love! :)

Time to try it...

Hm...he's not sure what to think...

Better remove his Elmo shirt before it gets all dirty!

Time to dig in!

This is probably the only bite he took of his cake...

I see Sami and Sunny plotting to steal the food while the people aren't looking...they didn't, don't worry.

He's loving all the attention!

Smashing is done, now time to play with balloons!

He was getting tired and started rubbing his eyes..

I think he enjoyed his smash cake! And we enjoyed watching him smash it! Time for a bath!

Happy Birthday Mason baby! Our little one year old!


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