Monday, November 5, 2012

Mason's Monthly Update: 8 months!

Height: 29 inches
Weight: approx. 20 lbs
Favorite Activities: Oh this is easy, crawling around the house and climbing up furniture then standing there holding on to the furniture. He also loves trying to pet the cat (she's mean and hisses sometimes or just runs away) and also trying to pet the dogs (they go the other way when he comes a crawling too). Sleeping on mommy and daddy. Playing the "Ah" game, it's where you say "ah" and then he says "ah" and copies you, he LOVES that game! Playing with his toys, watching Sesame Street, jumping in his jumper, taking rides in the car, being twirled around or thrown up in the air (makes him giggle every time!).
Sleep: He goes to sleep around 8 or 9, then he'll wake up once or twice during the night and falls back to sleep with a simple back rub. Once a week he gets up at 4 am and wants to play for an hour or so, that's rough for mommy and daddy! As for naps, he takes a short morning nap, then a long afternoon nap, then another short late afternoon nap before going to sleep for the night.
Food: He's eating everything and anything thanks to the Magic Bullet. We grind up dinner for him, like meatloaf, mashers and corn and he loves it! He's also eating anything we break off, like bread or meat, and put in his mouth. They have to be really small pieces though or he'll start gagging then we quickly give him some water to wash it down. It scares me when he does that! So small is key. He hasn't figured out that he can pick up the food on his tray and put it in his mouth, I'm sure he'll figure that out soon. He tries to hold his bottle and sippy cup himself, but he still needs to perfect that skill. He's still loving his bottle.
Clothing Size: 12M, he's a BIG boy :) He seems to fit best into the size that's one size bigger than his size. I like him to be comfy cozy.
Random: To get him to settle down for a nap, he needs the three B's which are Bottle, Boppy and Blanket. LOL then he's instantly relaxed and ready for a nappy.
Hair: I gave him a two haircuts this month; the first one I didn't cut off enough, so I had to go back and cut more. He's got a lot of hair! I also put some of Michael's hair wax in his hair and spiked it up. It was adorable.
Teeth: He has two bottom teeth that I think are fully grown out, and three top teeth that are just coming in, the other front tooth should be showing up soon, so it will be four top teeth. Oh and he got his teeth that are next to the front teeth before he got his front teeth and we thought he'd have vampire fangs for front teeth because normally babies get their front teeth next and he got the teeth next to his front teeth first (get it?). Anyways, that was funny for a while. We are still wondering if he will get Michael's bucked teeth, so Buck Tooth Buckley 2.0 will be created. lol poor baby
Monthly highlights: First Halloween and he dressed as Superman! He got sick for the first time :( He got sick on Saturday afternoon and got better on Wednesday or Thursday. He also got three new teeth, the fourth is probably on its way, it hasn't made an appearance yet (left front tooth). He experienced his first hurricane and power outage ha ha, but he loved it because we went to Grandma's to play for a few days!
Picture I LOVE! Mason didn't have any extras this month, so here's one I love so much!


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