Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Organize: Home Office

Recently, I decided I would take on the task of organizing our home. I am getting there slowly, but surely. The first (almost) completed project on my organizing to do list is my home office. I say almost because I still need to polyurethane the desk and put the new knobs on it. Other than that, it's completed and I couldn't wait to take pictures of it and share it! :) It was also great lighting this morning with the sun coming in through the windows, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting.

I should also mention, we are almost done with a complete mudroom makeover, so stay tuned for a Mudroom Tour post! :)

First, I'll show you the old desk area (picture taken June 2010).

We inherited this desk from Michael's sister Laura and I painted it white and spray painted the knobs yellow (to match the chair, duh!). It's so funny looking back at old pictures of how I used to decorate and seeing how I've evolved as I have learned more of what I like. Anyways, so here's the home office area now!

Isn't she a beaut? I like to think so :) I love the secretary desk. I will fill all the little compartments up as I go with tape, stapler, post its, envelopes, etc. The drawers house all my craft supplies and Medical Assistant books from when I went to school. As you can tell, I only put three of the nine knobs on because I still need to polyurethane the desk. With a little Photoshop magic, I added the knobs on...

You can get an idea of how it will look after poly :) The knobs are from Hobby Lobby ($2 each).

My favorite thing about the new set up is the Pottery Barn Daily System I hung on the wall. I have the letter bin (on the left) and the office organizer (on the right). The magnetic whiteboard calender is actually from Hobby Lobby that I got for $5!!! The is great for organizing!

Here's a closer look at the office organizer...

This is great because it holds our car keys and our back door key. We always misplace keys, so this keeps us organized. The little compartments hold any writing instruments we have and the whiteboard eraser and markers and some scissors. The top shelf I just put some decorative accents for a pop of color.

Here's a closer look at the letter bin...

This is where I keep my Weekly Cleaning List, which is AWESOME! It's a cleaning list idea I found online where you clean for about 20 minutes a day. I no longer have to do a full day of cleaning and it actually does keep the house clean! Yay! I also keep my grocery shopping list (the highlighted piece of paper) in one slot. The shopping list is another awesome idea I found online. Here's a link to the blog I love for organizing ideas: IHeartOrganzing. Check it out, it's awesome!

As for the decorations on the desk I added my antiques wood sign I found at HomeGoods, a house plant from my mom, a glass bottle my mom gave me plus some sea shells she gave me, and our engagement photo in a distressed frame from Target.

I also distressed the desk with sand paper to give it a more antique look. I love it so much more this way!

For a better perspective, here's the entire right side of the mudroom...

I forgot to mention the best part of the mudroom now!!! We repainted the room Woodlawn Blue (Benjamin Moore). It's a beautiful green/blue/gray color. Before it was painted a sky blue color which we were never really in love with, but now we definitely love this color!

So that's it! My new home office corner and my first completed organizing project!

Next on my list is to organize the linen closet, the living room closet and the pantry closet. Pretty much all the closets in the house haha.


P.S. The yellow desk chair is from West Elm, the sage colored chair is from Target, the sunburst mirror is from West Elm, the pillow on the chair is from TJ Maxx and the magazine basket next to the desk is from IKEA.