Monday, August 13, 2012

Mason's Baptism

On Sunday, August 5, Mason was baptized. His baptism name is Theodore and his Godmother is my cousin Lisa! He did really good, but he did get tired and cried at the end, but he fell asleep and got happy again :)

Right before the baptism

Lisa, Mason's Godmother! Mason really liked Lisa!
The baptism started in the back of the church and I had to go help because Mason started crying.

Everyone watching

Now we are in the front of the church

Time to undress the baby and wrap him in a white towel and sheet.
I love this picture! Mason is peeking over the blanket looking at Daddy take his picture.
Nikki helping out

This is us putting Mason's baptism outfit on. He was very mad at us!

Proud Papou!

My Yia Yia and cousin, Jenny

Mason's first communion

lol, poor little buddy

Proud Dadda!

Tired baby...

While everyone hung out and ate, Mason slept in the other room. He was knocked out cold!

We didn't take hardly any pictures at my parent's house for some reason, but here's one I got with Yia Yia!
It was such a beautiful day! :)

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Amy said...

Looks like a very special day :). That shot of your mom and Mason at the end is fantastic!