Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mason's Monthly Update: 5 Months!

Height: More than 26.5 inches
Weight: More than 15 lbs 6 ounces
Favorite Activities: Screaming/growling, blowing raspberries, laughing/smiling, playing with his toys, grabbing for things, hanging out with mommy and daddy, watching the dogs play, rolling over, spiting up/drooling, eating, chewing on his fingers/bib.
Sleep: he sleeps all night, but sometimes he gets up early, at like 4:30 a.m., but it's not often :) He takes a lot of naps during the day too!
Eats: bananas, apples, peaches, pears, rice cereal, formula
Clothing Size: mostly 6 months, but can still fit into his 3 months!
Hair: light brown, bordering on dirty blonde. with a touch of red
Teeth: No teeth to report yet.p
Eye color: still brown!
Monthly highlights: Rolling over!
We can't keep him on his back anymore, he always rolls onto his belly! He started doing it one day, and just kept doing it over and over :) He also shakes toys now while he's holding them. Eating solids was a big highlight this month!
Mason's Routine: He doesn't have a routine yet. He sleeps when he's tired, eats when he's hungry and poops when he needs to poop!
Milestones:  rolling over onto his belly
Monthly Photo Project Extras:

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