Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mason's Monthly Update: 4 Months!

I'm starting a new tag called "Mason's Monthly Update." I realized I haven't been putting down details about Mason so we will remember them in the future. So here goes nothing and if I forget a detail you think we would love to remember, leave a comment below and let me know so I can add it! :)

Height: 26.5 inches
Weight: 15 lbs 6 ounces
Favorite Activities: sticking tongue out, blowing raspberries with drool, trying very hard to crawl, standing with our help (of course!), laughing and smiling, doing his funny long scream-to-spit gurgle, "talking", looking at the world around him, reaching out and grabbing things and trying to bring them to his mouth to "eat", sucking on his fingers, trying his hardest to sit up when we put him in his highchair of car seat or lay him on his back (he always wants to be standing!), staring at the TV, being in his gym and jumper, being sung to and read to (he's not that good with reading yet, but he likes grabbing the book and looking at the pictures and hearing me talk), staring at his night light (thanks uncle Stephan and aunt Amy!), visiting YiaYia and Papou and Grandma! :)
Sleep: He's been sleeping through the night for over a month now, maybe two months. The other morning he got up at 4:30 a.m., but other than that morning, he sleeps from around 8 or 9 or 10 to about 6 or 7 in the morning. As for naps, he usually takes one every few hours from any where to 10 minutes to 2 hours. It's usually longer if it's quiet and he's comfortable. His favorite place to nap is in his swing (thanks Nicholle!).
Randoms: We are going to start feeding him cereal! Dr. Baker said if we want we can start him on cereal and fruit. So we plan to start cereal really soon and we are going to take a video of it which should be pretty cute!
Clothing Size: He is still fitting into his 3 month old clothes, but they are beginning to get tight, so I try to put him in 6 month old which are roomier. The onsie I used for his monthly photo is a 3 month and you can see it's pulling down like a scoop neck lol.
Hair: His hair is getting pretty long on to top. I used to be able to style it into a faux hawk, but now it's too long :(. We had to cut his hair in the back of his neck because it was starting to look like a rat tail. As for color, it's getting lighter, it also has a reddish tint to it - strawberry blonde perhaps? We shall mom figured out I didn't get my blonde hair until I was like 6 months and I had really blonde hair when I was little and was born with dark brown hair. 
Teeth: No teeth to report yet.
Eye color: his eyes are definitely like a medium brown. Just like Daddy!
Monthly highlights: Definitely his belly laughs! When he first did it, I melted! I think it's the best sound in the whole wide world! I first got him to do it by laying him on his back and nibbling his neck and saying "nom nom nom nom" like I'm eating him lol. It still works! Daddy gets him to laugh all the time too just by talking to him and making faces! Also, when I go in for the "nibble", he shrugs his shoulders so I can't get his neck and makes a funny sound like "eeeeeeeee" haha
Mason's Routine: He doesn't have a routine yet. He sleeps when he's tired, eats when he's hungry and poops when he needs to poop!
Milestones: Can grasp a toy, recognizes his name, turns towards new sounds, master of tummy time (definitely ready to crawl soon), belly laughs
Monthly Photo Project Rejects: These are the photos that didn't make the cut. It was hard to choose just one of Mason's monthly photos because there were so many cute ones!

I'm sure I missed some things, but hopefully I got all the important ones that I want to remember forever :) This was so fun! I'm definitely going to do a scrapbook with all the information I could ever want!

Mason's Mama

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