Friday, June 8, 2012

House Tour: Living Room

I cleaned the living room today, so I figured it was a good time to take some photos! It's never this clean or without baby/dog toys, but this is what it would look like if we cleaned every day and didn't have a baby and two dogs...haha...enjoy!

This is a new couch and ottoman and I covered the brown pillows that came with the couch with some IKEA pillow covers. We hung bamboo roman shades and sheer curtains on the windows (high and wide to make the windows appear larger).
We painted the walls Ivory Lace, a creamy beige color and the carpet was put in new when we moved in a few years ago. This is the only place in the house we have carpet, it's so cozy and fun to play on! :)
I sometimes change what's in my fillable glass lamp, like for Christmas time, I'll fill it with ornaments and for summertime, I fill it with white rocks I collected on the beach or, like in this photo, I put some shells I had laying around the house. The actual table is Michael's, we want to replace it one day and add another one to the other side of the couch.
You can't tell from this photo, but my glass lamp is broken :*( The glass broke one day and now there's a big chunk of glass missing, but it's still standing! It's one of my few HomeGoods treasures, so I was sad when it broke.
That's the DIY sunburst mirror I recently made using THIS tutorial from The Lettered Cottage. I originally painted it white, but it was really washed out by the beige walls, so I ended up painting it grey instead and I think the grey pops a little better.
We built this console table! This was our very first piece of furniture we built. The mirror above the console was left by the former owners hanging in the stairwell, so we took it down, painted it white and hung it here!
I collected these jars and bottles a while ago from an estate sale, TJ Maxx, Target, and three of the bottles are just beverage bottles I washed and took the labels off of. I display them in a white tray. This is definitely my favorite decoration in the LR.
This wall looked a lot different when we moved in. It was custom shelves for old tube TVs and VCR and stereo system. Michael ripped out the whole middle part and kept the two shelves on either side in tact. That was the first thing we did before moving in! I remember the living room was a dusty mess! lol
I don't know if you can tell in these pictures, but we painted the TV wall a darker beige than the other walls for an "accent wall". If we ever paint it again, we will probably choose a more drastic color so it will show up better.
I recently made this vintage bus sign using THIS tutorial and some of my own ideas too. I love the way it turned out. :)
So that's our living room! Now that I see it in photos, I think it needs more color or something. In person it's fine, but in photos it looks a bit blah. Oh well! I have a lot of time to make it perfect!

Next up I think I'll either do a tour of the dining room or the mudroom! Until then!


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