Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY mobile (inspired by DwellStudio Owls)

I was inspired by this DIY mobile. I didn't take step-by-step photos of how I made it, sorry, so I'll try and explain it as best I can.

To create Mason's mobile:
  • I copied owls and trees off of the DwellStudio Owls pattern online and made them into a Photoshop file. (see below for printable version)
  • Then I printed the file on card stock (I didn't want to use regular paper because I wanted some thickness to the pattern).
  • Then I cut the shapes out and I had my patterns!
  • I then took the felt I had bought from Giant Dwarf on and placed my patterns onto the felt and cut around the pattern to create the pieces for the trees and owls.
Felt colors I ordered:

Peacock, cinnamon, chestnut, moss, glacier, dove, almond, mushroom

I ordered way more then I needed, so I would say 1 per color should be fine. Then when I got them in the mail, I matched up the colors using photos of the DS owl pattern I found online. You can just use photos of my mobile!

  • Then I hot glued the felt pieces together, making both sides match so if the mobile spins, both sides will look the same. If that makes any sense.
  • For the owls pupils, I used a sharpie and drew a small black dot.
  • Then for the hoops, I bought embroidery hoops from Michaels in the sewing department. I got the idea from THIS blog post. You can follow that post to see how I finished the mobile. Basically, I wrapped blue yarn (that I bought from Michaels) around each hoop and tied them together with the same blue yarn.
  • Then I used a needle and thread to attach the owls and trees to the hoops.
  • Then to hang the mobile, I took a hook I bought from Home Depot and hung it over the crib.
Hopefully I made sense. I'm not very good at explaining things without photos. Sorry! :) If I can make this, you can too!

Printable Template:

Click on the photo below, then when the photo is in a new window, save it to your computer.

More photos of the mobile:


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