Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nursery Tour

The nursery isn't completely done yet, but I figure I can just add to this post or create a new post when we finish. We still need to:
  • Make the crib skirt. I have all the materials, I just need to get motivated and make it!
  • Put up the Chirpie Tree decal on the wall, which we are waiting to be delivered.
Other than those 2 things, we are done!

Without further ado, here is Mason Charles Buckley's nursery:

View from the hallway as you walk in. The far wall will be where we put the Chirpie Tree decal.

I used Photoshop to put the decal into the photo. This is how it might look after the decal is there: (dimensions might be off)...

 In the corner near the door there is the laundry basket and the sign-in picture we got from our baby shower!

Here's a close up of the sign-in picture:

Right wall:

Changing table/dresser we inherited from Michael's sister Laura and painted it white. The Ikea wall organizer is holding diapers, diaper sacks, and whatever else we might find useful for that spot once Mason is here.

Underneath that is the diaper pail (which is really just a plain white trash can we got at Target). We plan to tie the diapers in a smell good diaper sack then throw it away in the diaper pail. I heard those special Diaper Genies are a waste of money, that's why we don't have one.

You may notice the sign hanging from the mirror. Prince Mason sleeps here! :)

Next to the dresser are the cubbies. Above the cubbies I hung the chalkboard signs from our wedding. I wrote part of the alphabet on them. I can change it easily with chalk. I wanted to paint them blue to match the stripes above the crib, but I ran out of steam, so they will stay off-white with the antiqued effect that I did for the wedding.

Closer view of the cubbies. There's some alphabet blocks spelling out Mason, a little green lamp I got from Target, the JJ Cole diaper caddy with wipes, creams, lotions, etc. in it, some stuffed animals, a piggy bank, and the fabric boxes have all sorts of stuff in them like socks, toys, bibs, etc...

 And here's my diaper bag! I have a pacifier holder hanging from it that we got from the baby shower.

The other side of the room:

Mason's crib:

Mason's mobile and chevron letters that I made for him:

I made the mobile to match his crib sheet:

"Bucky" the deer head:

Mr. Bear, isn't he so cute???

Here is the "reading area":

The chevron pillow is from Target, when I saw it and saw it was an exact match for the chevron letters I made I had to get it! The blue blanket and yellow blanket are handmade by Mason's grandmothers. The storage basket/ottoman and blue side table are things from around the house we moved into the nursery. The white shaggy rug is from Target.

Mason has a TON of books. Thanks to everyone who gave him a book or 2 or more!!!! We can't wait to read to him :)

Most comfortable glider ever!

On the side table is a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. It's a really cool night light. It makes a pretty star shape on the ceiling that spins and the image on the outside spins too.

Here you can kind of see the star shape it makes on the ceiling. Mason will love to watch this at night!

Here is the wall we are going to put Chirpie Tree decal on:

Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, it should look something like this (not sure if the dimensions are right though) fits in with our Forest Animal theme :)

Ahhhh and now I can relax...

With Sami of course...she's getting ready for baby Mason too!

So there it is! We worked REALLY hard on the nursery for little Mason and think it came out great! :) Now we just need the baby lol



Nicholle said...

Wow Sara the nursery turned out AMAZING! You guys did a really good job with it! That mobile is adorable. I cant believe you made it! Sooo cute. I love it all! :)

Sara said...

Thanks buddy!!! :)

Amy said...

Wow!!! Everything looks amazing. You could seriously make a living doing are so talented! Mason is one lucky pup! This is the month :):)! Yipppeeeee!