Saturday, December 31, 2011

House Tour: Master Bedroom

Finally I figured out how to take decent pictures with my camera and we also are getting closer to finishing our master bedroom, so hence this post. It's taken a long time to make progress in this room because it's pretty big and the walls go really high, so it's hard to figure out how to decorate it, and with a tight budget, things take time. Also what took time was that Michael put in all the awesome laminate flooring, we built our own king sized bed and night stands, plus antiqued our old dressers, plus had Michael's old duct taped chair reupholstered, plus...well...I'll just go through all the details with's A LOT!

Here is the view when you start to enter the room from the hallway:

We built our king sized bed from scratch and stained it a rich red mahogany color. Look up and you'll see our ceiling fan (the only thing we didn't change after moving in):

The LOVE banner is from our wedding. I love how it gives a whimsical touch to the room:
(Sami, our dog, loves to sleep on our bed, so she did while I took photos)

To the left of the room, we have Michael's nightstand, our closet, my dresser, and a random jute rug just in case our other dog, Sunny, wants to come and lay down on the floor at night:

My dresser used to be oak colored with no knobs and was a hand-me-down from my parents along time ago. We painted it off white, distressed it, and put a chocolate glaze on it for an antique effect. (the closet door is to the right of it). Michael replaced the closet door and also redid the entire inside with laminate flooring and a new wire hanging system. I forgot to take a photo of the inside - oops!

Here's a better photo of the antique finish:

Here you get a better view of one of the nightstands we built:

The right side of the room:

There is the other dresser (Michael's dresser) that we antiqued as well. Also the mirror above the dresser is the original mirror that actually hooked onto the dresser vertically and was oak as well. This is cool because we removed the old outdated oak frame and re-framed the mirror in our wedding escort card frame (I'll add a picture of it below).

This was Michael's idea, what luck that the mirror was the same size as our wedding escort card frame?! It was meant to be!

Anyways, back to the tour. Here's another view of the dresser and it's antiqued finish, as well as the new and improved original mirror:

I love the lamp (from Michael's mom Barbara), it fits perfectly in the room. The birdcage is also from Barbara, we used it as our wedding card holder. Come to think of it, we reused a lot of our wedding stuff in our room which is really cool!

I distressed the other dresser and Michael did this one. I like how his came out better, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you did it.

The other piece of furniture in that corner is my brand new vanity Michael gifted me for Christmas! I absolutely love it! I used to do my makeup on the floor in front of the window with another mirror we just hung up in the nursery. I could barely get up off the floor since I'm 31 weeks pregnant! I'm so happy he surprised me with this for Christmas!

The artwork above the vanity is a DIY project I did that I found HERE. It's just 4 canvases with metallic gold and glitter gold circles punched from scrapbook paper and glued down to look like falling confetti. I LOVE how they turned out. I can't stop looking at them when I go into the room!

In the other corner, we have my nightstand and Michael's old, now newly upholstered, swivel chair. His uncle actually built this chair. It's a really nice wood chair. I'm so glad we splurged on getting it professionally reupholstered. This corner of the room has the biggest window which brings in so much light, it's great since the rest of our house is dark like a cave. Oh and that's my box fan I use at night to drown out Michael's snoring, haha.

Here's another angle of that corner:

And finally, here's the view from the bedroom looking out into the hallway:

That's my little collage of colorful artwork and our hallway window with the bamboo roman shade.

That's it! And since I'm a nerd, I took a picture of my "New Year's Eve" nail polish aka gold glitter:

Happy New Year's! We are going to veg out on pizza and buffalo wings tonight while watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin bicker and watch Snookie on MTV. Can't wait! This is our last New Year's as only fur-parents, oh my gosh! :)

Also, I want to do a whole entire house tour, starting with the living room. I have photos of our house from a year ago on Flickr, but so much has changed that I need to update everything. One thing that's new is the art over the couch:

So I'm off! Happy New Year's again!


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