Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mason's Crib Bedding

So, I think I'm an expert on the subject of crib bedding since I've pretty much looked at every. single. bedding. set. on. the. market. If that sounds exhausting and like a complete waste of time, it was! And I had fun doing it! Anyhow, first let me show you what I ended up buying because it was the ONLY, and I mean ONLY, design I liked. Unfortunately I could only afford the fitted crib sheet, BUT, I did put the whole set on my baby's hoping someone buys a ridiculously expensive bedding set for Mason!!! Haha, so anyways, here's what I bought:

And because of the SIDS thing, I didn't get a regular "bumper," I bought this:

Once Mason is older, he can have a different bumper because if he gets trapped against the bumper, he will be able to move and won't suffocate, I was thinking THIS one from Carter's would be a cute one (it will match his changing pad cover). As for the crib skirt, I figure I can always go to Joann Fabrics and make a crib skirt myself, the same color as the actual DwellStudio owls bedding set (which by the way costs $360 for 3 pieces! Lame.) So here's how it looks:
Now that I look at it again, I could probably just by a cheap light blue sheet some where like Target and easily make this crib skirt! Yay for making it work on a budget! I can't even look at the bedding set because it's SO adorable and I can't afford it. Waaa! Oh well, it's so minor compared to what will be laying on the actual live BABY!!!

So anyways, I would love to know WHY girl crib bedding is so much awesomer (is that a word?) than boy crib bedding? I had a choice of either bland ugly browns and greens and blues with cutesy cartoon characters that didn't even make sense really or super cool bedding that costs a fortune. For instance, out of sheer frustration, I bought an affordable crib set today at Target, this is it:

I get home thinking it's SO cute (the photo doesn't do it justice), then I take it out of the packaging and it has PURPLE on it. Whaaaaat? Purple is not neutral. I kept saying "I can make it work," but low and behold, nope, I hate it, I want to return it as fast as humanly possible. So the only other set on the shelf at Target was this one for girls which is SUPER adorable:

Very cute right? Bright colors and cute graphics is all I ask for and every bedding set for boys is so ugly! Or doesn't make sense for my theme (forest animals). Or is way too expensive. Or has the wrong blue color and green color. It was very frustrating let me tell you! There are so many more examples out there of my frustration, but I won't go searching all around the web to post them, I'm too wired to do that right now. I have to get ready to put our Christmas tree up anyway! December 1st is my big brother's birthday (Happy Birthday Stephan!!!) and also the day we decided to put our tree up! Can't wait! It's going to be even more exciting next year with Mason almost 1 year old.

Oh yeah, and the DS owls set has so many adorable accessories, like changing pad cover, owl pillow, owl stuffed animal, even bibs and onsies! I think I made a good choice. I can't afford more right this second, but I will be able to get one least one or two more things to go with my fitted sheet, if need be. :) That makes me happy! 

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