Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY book ledges for nursery

We hung our DIY book ledges last night and we LOVE them! We used THIS plan to build them.

Right now we have only a few books, but after the baby shower we should have alot more books. Instead of cards, we asked guests to bring a book! :)

The banner above the ledges says R E A D. It's from THIS blog. I printed them and cut them out and hung them using some clothspins, string, and tacs we already own. I like it so much, I might do another banner some where else in the room.

The corner where the window is is where we plan to put the glider. We can picture us reading books to Mason there!

We also hung a mirror that my Mom gave me that was my Grandma's and I spray painted it gray (it was gold) and put the dresser/changing table in the room. The dresser is going to be painted white.

The left corner in the above photo is where we plan to put a garbage pail (ignore the dresser drawer that's in the way). I like THIS one from IKEA and line it with THIS. The thing that's hanging near the window on the left is an organizer I got at IKEA, it's holding a few free diapers and wipes we got from our Lamaze class. There are 10 pockets in it which will come in handy!!! Here's another picture where you can see it better:

That's it for now! Next nursery post will probably have pictures with a newly painted dresser/changing table! Until then!


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