Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back to the Beginning: Decisions, Decisions

I would LOVE to get this nursery decorating show on the road! I only have 3 months until little dude is here and I'm still not sure what colors/ideas I want to do for his nursery. ARGH! This is how I was with my wedding all last year, I'd think I wanted one thing, but then I'd see an amazing wedding online and change my mind. SO, the exact same thing happened this morning, I saw THIS article on and I tell you, it had me at hello! I love love LOVE the colors in this room. I love the minimal decorations, but each one has a uniqueness to them. Anyways, I'm boring with my explanation, but this room is SO amazing, I love it. It's also posted on and the author (Rebecca) says she will be posting the entire reveal soon and I can't wait! Oh the little things that make me happy...

So here are all the photos I've gathered of the nursery so far:

And here are the details I am DIEING over (I hear Rachel Zoe in my head when I say "DIEING"):

1. Semi focal wall - do I want to paint a room full of stripes? Nope. Do I want to paint stripes floor to ceiling the length of the crib then frame it out with molding? Yes please! I've been looking for a focal wall to do for some time now and this is SO perfect! Love.

2. The crib bedding - looks like I'm going to Target to return the DwellStudio bedding I just bought because this bedding is so sweet. Looks like a Carter's yellow fitted sheet and then I can make the crib skirt myself. Simple, easy, breezy. I like all the crazy crib bedding out there on the market, but it just feels like I'll be trapped within those specific colors if I buy one. The set I just purchased is bright yellow, green, and gray. I really wanted to have turquoise/aqua blue colors, but couldn't find it anywhere! This seems much easier to change when Mason gets older.

3. The dresser - my original plan was a turquoise dresser, but now that I see you can paint it white and add a turquoise splash of color with the changing pad railing I like this idea much better. It almost looks like a tray, Michael will have to build one just like this to fit the changing pad and then I can paint it True Turquoise from Glidden (purchase at Lowe's).

4. Changing table area - I guess you can say I am obsessed with mirrors and pillows. No, there are no pillows in this picture, but there is a mirror! Haha, I no doubt know I want a mirror above the dress/changing area. Cheap mirrors can be found at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Target. I will keep my eye out, I might even paint it a cool color - will shall see!

5. Cubbie storage - DIY project found HERE. Love it love it love it. Read the article, it's awesome. Hands down going to do something like this for Mason.

6. Lamps - great DIY tip: If you find a cute children's lamp with crazy colors, just spray paint it white and it looks super chic! I am now on the search for a children's lamp I can spray paint white. HomeGoods here I come! The other lamp next to the changing pad is awesome too. You can never have too many lamps!

7. Shelf above crib - I have had this idea for a while now. I even made some chevron letters that spell MASON in hopes of putting them above his crib. I might end up redoing them in turquoise though because I made them in a baby blue color, but we will see!

I love the elephant chevron artwork too!

8. The curtains - another cool DIY project.

I probably missed some details I love, but that's ok. This should keep me busy huh? I'm excited, I'm going to go get ready and go to some stores to search for this stuff now! Poor Michael is going to be like, what happened to your last idea?! Haha, he's used to me now!

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